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Wasteland 3 Announced At E3 2019

When the world falls and the people left to expire, there will still be war. That war has made it’s way to the bitter, cold winter of Colorado. Announcing Wasteland 3!

Announced during the Microsoft Xbox E3 press conference, Wasteland 3 is the next in the line of classic top-down strategy games. The trailer shows us harsh winter weather as it blows over the mechanical ruins of Colorado. It’s not all peaceful and calm, of course. violent raiders and advanced technology threaten the lives of the player and their allies.

The original Wasteland revolutionized both the post-apocalypse genre and the RPG genre when it released in 1988. It was made all the more exciting when a sequel was produced in 2014 for modern consoles.

Developed by Deep Silver and Inxile, Wasteland 3 will release at some point in the future. More details as they become available.