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Defend Your Castle from The Mongols in Vedelem: The Golden Horde

Controlling territory and fighting opposing forces is a core aspect of a good RTS game. But they don’t always need to be inherently offensive. Vedelem: The Golden Horde is a more defensive take on a medieval RTS game.

Instead of being PvP based, as is common for the genre, Vedelem is more of a wave survival game. Based in Eastern Europe, you are tasked with defending your land against a Mongol invasion. Gather nearby resources, organize guards, and fortify your castle walls in preparation for inevitable attacks. It has three game modes available, Skirmish, Challenge, and Endless.

All in all, it sounds, and looks, like your traditional wave defense RTS game. But it has one pleasant surprise to it: it’s free. Vedelem was developed by Castle Roaches, which is a student game dev group at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. Being a school project, they appear to have decided not to charge for the game, while using it as an opportunity to refine their newly acquired game design skills.

There’s little reason to not at least give the game a try. It’s been positively received since its formal release earlier this year, Just be kind with feedback, these are students, after all.

More information about Vedelem: The Golden Horde can be found on their official Steam page.