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Lornsword Winter Chonicle To Enter Early Access This May

Tower Five, and Indie dev team made of ex Creative Assembly members, has announced their next project: a story-driven fantasy action-strategy game called Lornsword Winter Chronicle.

The Lornsword developers wanted to bring some new creativity to the action strategy genre, while still incorporating many of the staple aspects that make RTSs so great. Players will manage resources, build and upgrade buildings and structures, and participate in fast-paced combat with enemy factions. Unlike most RTS games, it also features a drop-in and drop-out cooperative mode that lets the player team up with an ally.

“We’re very excited about bringing Lornsword Winter Chronicle to Early Access at the end of May. Action strategy games have been in our blood for many years, so we’re excited to deliver our own take on it that encapsulates that collective experience and expertise.”

Renaud Charpentier, Game Director at Tower Five

The game immerses players with an engaging narrative and sharp, detailed graphics, while still offering an intuitive and natural control scheme. This way they can feel the full effects of the war they are waging without the distractions of a complicated UI.

Lorn Sword Early Access RTS Game

Lornsword Winter Chronicle will launch on PC Steam in Early Access on May 30. The game will fully release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in “Late 2019”

We’ll be keeping our eyes on this one, for sure.