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How Louis Castle Innovated Pathfinding in C&C: Tiberian Sun

Legendary games like Command & Conquer aren’t lazily made. They require time, effort, and a whole lot of innovation. A recent interview with Louis Castle shows how they had to reinvent pathfinding in games, all while keeping things compressed.

Louis Castle is the co-founder of Westwood Studios, the company behind the Dune and Command & Conquer games. He talks in depth with Ars Technica in a 13-minute long video about the development of C&C: Tiberian Sun, and the brick walls they had to break through to make it happen.

Castle has had an impressive list of accomplishments in the gaming industry. After Westwood was merged into EA in 2008, Castle worked as a high-level executive on a number of game companies. He collaborated with film director Steven Spielberg to produce Boom Blox for the Nintendo Wii. And now, he works as head of Amazon Game Studios Seattle.

As far as we can tell, Castle is not part of the development for Conan Unconquered, which is being developed by a number of C&C veteran developers.

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