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Gearbox to Publish an RTS MMO Mobile Game: Homeworld

Sometimes it just takes a big name to make a great mobile game. And that might be exactly what happens as Gearbox reveals their own RTS game for mobile devices.

Ok, perhaps that was a bit deceptive. Gearbox the game studio isn’t making a mobile RTS game. But their publishing branch is. The game itself is being developed by Stratosphere Games and will be called Homeworld Mobile. The reveal came with a gameplay trailer, giving us a good look at the MMO style sci-fi strategy game.

The game appears to offer a classic RTS experience, having players manage resources, unit populations, and territories against rival factions. Narratively, the game follows the Hiigarans as they expand into uncharted sections of deep space. The player will choose one of the Hiigaran Navy factions to control as they dive further into the unknown.

Unlike smaller, 4X style games, Homeworld will be a massively multiplayer online experience. Players will be sharing a large-scale world, where they can form alliances, rivalries, and fight for long-term control of the area. It’s not terribly unlike EVE Online, from what I see.

Fully 3D, the player can watch and command their fleets from any angle. And with a unique control system made for mobile touchscreens, it should offer a new way of managing an RTS environment. Supposedly, having not tried the system for ourselves, we’re reserving judgement until we can.

Currently, Homeworld is only available in an Open Beta phase for Canadians. Gearbox Publishing promises to expand the beta further as development progress continues to be made. More info about the game, along with some sweet screenshots, can be found on the official website.