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Homeworld is Getting a Tabletop Game

When you want a space opera RTS, you want Homeworld. But what if you want something a little more analog? Then you’ll love this: the classic game is coming to pen and paper as a tabletop game.

According to a report by Polygon, Homeworld: Revelation is an in-the-works tabletop rendition of the popular RTS game from 1999. The project is being produced with the help of Modiphius Entertainment.

The game is based strongly on the 2d20 system developed previously by Modiphius Entertainment. The company boasts its ease of use and minimal preparation time.

What they take the greatest pride in, however, is the way the tabletop game takes the lore to a more personal level. In RTS games, its easy to overlook or forget about the single lives lost. Such is the nature of war, really. but the tabletop game will allow the players and the game master to dive deeper into this idea.

“I think it’s very easy in the RTS to kind of remove yourself from the significant loss of life, from considering what they were actually doing as a people in this huge journey they went on. And then, when you zoom down inside one of those ships and you’re focusing on a crew of people who are having to see these battles, who happen to be in them and not from that zoomed out view, then you can start seeing the effects. When this particular event happened, what was actually going on inside the ship? How did this person showing up or this thing happening actually impact on the people who were there? And this box kind of explores a lot of that.”

Modiphious has a reputation for developing tabletop renditions of popular games. They’re the team behind the Star Trek RPG, the Fallout RPG, and more.

The final product will include a starter box and a core rulebook. There is no official release date or price at this time.