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Seduction in Crusader Kings 3 Used to Be Overpowered

Generally speaking, RTS games are about strategic combat. The player must defeat their opponents in various war battles. But that isn’t always the case. And originally, it was much easier to seduce your enemy in Crusader Kings 3.

In the recently released Crusader Kings 3, the player controls the leading house of a nation around Europe. With the goal of conquering an entire nation, the player can make allies, start wars, and so on, with other nations. This includes seduction and romance. Establish a familial tie to a powerful leader, or seduce their partners and let chaos ensue.

According to a recent developer update, the dev team actually had to reduce the effectiveness of these tactics, as they would too easily spin out of control. If the player chose a female character, they would easily be swarmed with romance and seduction attempts by the AI.

“We’ve needed to tweak the rules so that if the player is playing a woman rather than a man they just don’t get a hundred seduction attempts constantly. While that might sadly be quite realistic in some ways it’s not an experience you want in the game or in reality.”

This level of consideration comes as little surprise to us. Crusader Kings is fairly open minded in what the players are capable of romantic and religiously. Players are capable of establishing a variety of different governments with different leaderships, regardless of historical accuracy.

With this said, the player is still quite capable of sowing their wild oats to a near ravenous degree. Illegitimate children, home wrecking, and plenty more is still possible, enough to create more chaos than any single player needs.

Crusader Kings 3 is available now on PC for $60. For more information, including where to buy the game, visit the official website.