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Company of Heroes Releases on iOS & Android Next Month

Company of Heroes will be releasing on iOS and Android devices next month! After a successful launch on iPad devices earlier this year, the classic WWII era RTS game is being expanded onto the rest of the mobile gamesphere.

According to an announcement by Feral Interactive on Thursday, Company of Heroes will release on iPhone and Android devices on September 10, a little over two weeks from now. The announcement came with a new trailer, showcasing some of the expected gameplay for the port, including graphical expectations and UI interface.

Originally released on PC in 2006, Company of Heroes is a squad based RTS based on World War 2. The story takes place between the events of the D-Day invasion leading up to the liberation of Normandy. The mobile versions will be a port of this version, with a modified control scheme to better fit touch screens. It is supported for iOS devices as old as the iPhone 6S and Android devices as old as the Galaxy S8.

Company of Heroes for mobile will release on September 10 on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It will be the full, complete game, costing $13.99. If you own the iPad version of the game, you will automatically qualify for a free copy of the iPhone version.

It’s really cool that technology has progressed enough to bring such an iconic game onto something as small and portable as a smartphone.