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StarCraft Will Get a Cartoony Graphics Pack by Carbot

The wretched world of StarCraft is about to get a little less serious. Carbot animations has announced a partnership with Blizzard to produce a cartoony skin pack for the StarCraft: Remastered.

Officially titled Carbot’s StarCrafts Graphics Pack, this alternate game skin replaces the usual sci-fi visual style with the colorful and chunky cartoon style that Carbot would use in their parody animations of the same name.

Details of the pack, including a release date of July 10, were shown off in a video by John Burton of Carbot Animations. He explains that the pack changes “everything,” from gameplay visuals, mission briefings, and menus. It will also be available game-wide, from ladders to arcade to campaign.

Burton calls it a “brand new game,” remarking on how much of a difference to the way a game feels by changing the visuals.

“The cool thing too is it’s especially good for kids. It’s super kid-friendly now. It’s also a really good time to go back and play the campaign, because now you get to play with hilarious graphics and the mission briefings … it’s hard to take seriously because they look like a bunch of goofballs.”

Carbot has a history of working well with Blizzard. They’ve produced parody cartoons of games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch, all with the company’s blessing.

Carbot’s StarCrafts Graphics Pack will be available July 10. Pricing for the graphics pack has not been announced, though we will know soon enough.