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This Lego Build of Age of Empire 2’s Town Center Could Become a Reality

A new idea is trending on the Lego Idea channel: the Town Center from Age of Empires 2. And if it gets enough attention, it might become a real-life Lego build.

Lego has a history of implementing build kits based on popular media, ranging from Super Mario to Halo. They also have a system where users can create virtual Lego builds and present them online as suggestions for Lego to produce and sell. These two aspects of the company are combining to create a perfect opportunity for RTS fans.

Lego builder Artizan has published their own design for the Lego Ideas platform: an accurate build of the European Town Center from Age of Empires II. Even better, the design can be broken down and rebuilt to become other AoE buildings like the Barracks, all while using the same pieces.

The project gained a large jump in attention after Age of Empires Head of Player Engagement Emma Bridle posted about it on social media. It’s since received backing by over 1,000 different supporters, giving it over 500 days to earn 4,000 more supporters and reaching the next development milestone. If it gets enough supporters, Lego representatives will reach out about making it a legitimate build product sold on shelves.

If you want to see the project succeed, you can create a Lego Ideas account and select the “support” button. Sharing the project with friends will also help.

It makes sense that if you want to have a real life model of a Town Center that you’d have to build it yourself.